Adolescent-Friendly Contraceptive Services: Mainstreaming Adolescent-Friendly Elements Into Existing Contraceptive Services


This brief focuses on the elements of AFCS that are typically implemented within a service delivery setting. It describes how mainstreaming AFCS can address key challenges for contraceptive programs, discusses the existing evidence of adolescent-friendly elements, outlines key issues for planning and implementation, and identifies knowledge gaps.

This brief does not fully cover elements that contribute to the enabling environment for adolescent programming, which are addressed more completely in other High-Impact Practice (HIP) briefs, such as the briefs on health communication and policy.

The Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young People: A Strategic Planning Guide is intended to lead program managers, planners, and decision-makers through a strategic process to identify the most effective and efficient investments for improving the sexual and reproductive health of young people.

Date: Sep 2015
Pages: 8