1. Who can use the HIPs Blog Posts?

Anyone can! Our goal is to show the impact of HIPs in a relatable way, and to paint a vivid picture of the lives changed as a result of interventions using HIPs.

2. How can I submit a HIPs Blog Post?

Fill out our online guided form. This form gives you the option to submit content that is already drafted, or you can follow a series of guided questions to develop your post.

Once you submit, someone will contact you with any questions, edits, or a notification of publication of your story on the HIPs website.

3. What are the guidelines for Blog Posts?

Here is what to expect:

  1. Is your post about an individual person or an activity/intervention/program? (Include name, organization and program/project/activity title)
  1. Describe the setting, context and challenges
  • What is the family planning situation in your region/country/community?  Some questions to consider may include:
    • What is the contraceptive prevalence rate in your country or area? 
    • What is the total fertility rate or how many children do most women have?
    • What methods are typically offered? 
    • Are most services provided by the government, NGOs, or the private sector?
    • What have the barriers to expanding family planning been?
  1. Describe the intervention
  • What was the intervention? Which high impact practice did you implement? Why was that particular HIP selected?  How was it implemented?
  1. Describe the impact
  • If your post is about an individual beneficiary or family planning program manager/provider how did the individual's life change due to the intervention?
  • If this is a post about an organization or a program that used or adapted a high impact practice, how was the program itself changed?
  • If it was a community based program, how did the community changed? What were the most significant changes for the beneficiaries?
  1. What did you learn from adapting this high impact practice to your own work?
  • What was the most useful aspect of the HIP brief that you used?
  • Did you look at other programs implementing this practice and did you find their experiences useful to you?
  • What would you do the same way again? 
  • What would you do differently? 
  • What recommendations do you have for someone implementing an activity like this in the future?

4. Have more questions?  Contact us.