HIP Briefs

HIP collaborating partners have developed briefs that synthesize the evidence and provide recommendations on how to implement selected HIPs. Briefs are grouped into three interrelated categories: (1) high-impact practices in service delivery (briefs with a blue colored side bar), (2) social and behavior change interventions (briefs with a green colored side bar), and (3) creating an enabling environment (briefs with red colored side bar).
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      Social and Behavior Change - Promising

      Community Group Engagement: Changing Norms to Improve Sexual and Reproductive Health

      What is the promising high-impact practice in family planning for social and behavior change? Engage and mobilize communities in group dialogue...
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      Service Delivery HIPs - Proven

      Community Health Workers: Bringing family planning services to where people live and work

      Updated!  When appropriately designed and implemented, community health worker (CHW) programs can increase use of contraception, particularly...
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      Service Delivery HIPs - Promising

      Drug Shops and Pharmacies: Sources for family planning commodities and information

      Evidence shows that with appropriate training and support, pharmacy and drug-shop staff can facilitate the use of modern contraception,...
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      Evidence Summaries

      Economic Empowerment: A Potential Pathway for Women and Girls to Gain Control Over Their Sexual and Reproductive Health

        Economic empowerment is the ability to make and act on decisions that involve the control over and allocation of financial resources. Women’s...
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      Enabling Environment HIPs

      Educating Girls: Creating a foundation for positive sexual and reproductive health behaviors

      Investments that promote keeping girls in school, particularly in secondary school, have far-reaching and long-term health and development...
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      Service Delivery HIPs - Promising

      Family Planning and Immunization Integration: Reaching postpartum women with family planning services

      Both immunization and family planning services are important components of primary health care. Ensuring that FP counseling and services are...
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      Enabling Environment HIPs

      Financing Commodities and Services: Essential for meeting family planning needs

      Ensuring proper financing for family planning involves identifying and putting in place various mechanisms for purchasing family planning...
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      Enabling Environment HIPs

      Galvanizing Commitment: Creating a supportive environment for family planning programs

      Demonstrable commitment to family planning strengthens the enabling environment in which programs and policies are implemented. Regional and...
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      Enabling Environment HIPs

      Health Communication: Enabling voluntary and informed decision-making

      Implementing a systematic, evidence-based health communication strategy that includes communication through multiple channels helps enable...