HIPs Implementation Tools

Tools for Implementing and Scaling Up the High Impact Practices

The HIPs Implementation Tools project aims to compile crucial resources for family planning practitioners, such as policymakers and program managers, to effectively implement and expand Family Planning High Impact Practices (HIPs). In response to the growing need for resources that not only explain the effectiveness of family planning HIPs, but also offer practical guidance on implementing and scaling up these practices, the project collaborates with experts and implementers to curate a summary collection of existing guidance documents that are hosted on the FP insight platform. These resources are vetted for relevance and accessibility, ensuring they offer actionable insights, supporting the implementation and scaling up of the HIPs for the benefit of the wider FP/RH community. 

The curated lists below were reviewed by Knowledge SUCCESS staff members and identified technical experts, but the resource lists are growing, living repositories and we hope to continue to add to them in the future. If there are resources you would like us to consider adding, please share them with by filling out the HIPs Contact Form, and use the subject line “HIPs Implementation Tools Project”.

Explore the HIPs Implementation Tools resource lists:
[Please note the resource lists below are housed on www.fpinsight.org and the links will navigate you off of the HIPs website.]


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This project was led by Aoife O’Connor and Aida Misailidis. Critical review and support was provided by Natalie Apcar, Elizabeth Tully, Maria Carrasco, Bethany Arnold, Lisa Mwaikambo, Afua Aggrey, Pritha Biswas, Shani Turke, Saumya RamaRao, Negussie Boti Sidamo, Polycarp Oyoo, Atoyese Dehinbo, Abdi Geda, Yusha’u Muhammad Abubakar, Sara Miner, Rajrattan Lokhande, Comfort Chizinga, Margaret Mannah, Ninabina Davie, Maryam Bibi Rumaney, Munyaradzi Murwira, Abiy Sinke, Aisha Fatima, Christopher Kuria, Gboh Iriebi, Bertha Migodi, Gifty Akapule, Kola Musliudin Owonikoko, Lindsey Miller, Jean Damascene Ntawu, Muhammad Ishaque, Tahani Wagar Zaidi, Kakuna Venokulavo, Janifer Younus, Mori Ogambi, Nasrin Romi, Jospeh Adu, Shilpi Roy, Seyi Bolaji, Manisha Shrestha, Elizabeth Otaye, Claire Gillum, Charles Umeh, Fiona Amado, Olumide Adefioye, Keith Terah, Kashindi Shabani, Deb Asher, Sanjeeta Gawri, Sumoni Mukherjee, Nicholas Engwau, Edith Ngunjiri, Imane Lakbachi, SM Shaikat, Dirgha Raj Shrestha, Suman Satyal, Eve Brecker, George Kapiyo, Fabian Pacheco, Edward Ngoga, Ominde Japhet Achola.