Community Health Workers: High Impact Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities Webinar

On Thursday, April 7, 2016, from 8:30 to 10:00 AM EST, the IBP HIPs Task Team sponsored a webinar: High Impact Practices in Family Planning Webinar Series: Community Health Workers, Bringing FP services where people live and work.   Download a PDF of the Presentations.

Presenters (see Bios below):

  • Camille Collins Lovell, Facilitator, Pathfinder International
  • Mahesh Srinivas, Presenter, Pathfinder International
  • Laura Hurley, Presenter, IntraHealth International
  • Vince Blaser, Respondent, Frontline Health Workers Coalition

Camille Collins Lovell, Facilitator

Camille Collins Lovell is a Technical Advisor for Community Engagement at Pathfinder International, where she supports projects including: development of tools and approaches for Community Health Workers; mHealth for adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health; interactive games for peer educators; production and use of realistic fictional narratives (e.g. short fictional films, and serial radio dramas) as a basis for small group reflection and group action planning.

Mahesh Srinivas, Presenter

Mahesh Srinivas is a public health professional with more than 13 years of experience as a Medical Officer, Public Health Consultant, and Director of Programs. Dr. Srinivas has extensive experience managing large-scale public health programs and has worked with district, state and national governments. He has also led teams of community health workers, contributed to scaling-up public health programmes and engaged with UNICEF in post-Tsunami rehabilitation.   As the Director of Programs in India for Pathfinder International, Dr. Srinivas is responsible for leading the implementation of Pathfinder’s diverse portfolio of programs in India.

Laura Hurley, Presenter

Laura Hurley is a public health professional with over 15 years of experience providing expertise in international reproductive health, maternal health, family planning, community health and community participation. Ms. Hurley has extensive international field experience, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, working with local communities to develop and manage health programs. As Senior Program Manager at IntraHealth International, she currently provides strategic program management and technical support to projects in West Africa and Madagascar. She has worked as a Population Fellow in Eritrea, a Global Health Fellow in Mali, and as a Peace Corps volunteer in Gabon.

Vince Blaser, Respondent

Vince Blaser is the Director for the secretariat of the Frontline Health Workers Coalition (FHWC), an alliance of more than 30 US-based public and private organizations working together to urge greater and more strategic US investment in frontline health workers in developing countries as a cost-effective way to save lives and foster a healthier, safer and more prosperous world. For more than 11 years, Vince has focused on translating a policy and journalism background to provide strategic analysis and visibility to the policy and communications priorities of major global health coalitions and organizations. Previously, Vince worked in advocacy, policy and communications roles at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and the Global Health Council (GHC).