BMGF, FP2030, IPPF, UNFPA, USAID, CIFF and WHO serve as co-sponsors for the HIPs Partnership. The general purpose of the Co-sponsor group is threefold:

  • to set strategic direction for the HIP Partnership
  • to provide funding and resources and to ensure sustainability
  • to catalyze the implementation of HIP Products at scale

The main responsibilities and tasks of the Co-sponsors are to:

  • Develop strategy and provide overall direction for the HIP Partnership
  • Oversee, enable and facilitate the work of the Partnership, including having decision authority over the HIPs structure and partnership
  • Establish a HIP Secretariat and review its operation a regular basis (each 3-5 years)
  • Promote the HIPs as a global public good
  • Catalyze and support implementation of the HIPs, including through individual organizational approaches
  • Maintains an overview of HIPs implementation, including available measurement and tracking data
  • Provide a collective, coordinated voice at the country level on HIPs
  • Develop partnerships to increase the reach and impact of HIPs
  • Approve new types of HIP products
  • Uphold the principles of the HIP Partnership
  • Periodically review the functionality and effectiveness of the HIP Partnership

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