Production and Dissemination Team

The HIPs Production and Dissemination (P&D) team is responsible for providing strategic leadership on the production, dissemination, adaptation and translation of HIPs at global, regional, national, and local levels. The P&D Team includes representatives from FP2030, the Knowledge SUCCESS project, the IBP Network, FHI360, and USAID.

The Team’s purpose is to provide strategic leadership on the production and dissemination of HIPs at global, regional, and national levels.

The HIP P&D Team is responsible for:

  • Producing and publishing new and updated HIP briefs and guides
  • Disseminating new/updated HIP briefs and guides via multiple channels
  • Coordinating the translation of HIP products into French, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • Collaborating with technical experts and country-level partners to produce webinars focused on HIP products
  • Producing and sharing the quarterly HIP Newsletter
  • Developing and maintaining external communications including the HIP website
  • Developing and implementing the P&D Team Communications Strategy
  • Creating feedback mechanisms to broaden the engagement and experience reflected in the HIP products, so the content and materials better meet the needs of all HIP audience members.
  • Tracking progress and identifying solutions to challenges in communication and dissemination; and
  • Reporting progress and results at HIP TAG and Partner meetings
  • Strategically planning for HIP representation at global and regional conferences by proactively getting HIPs on the agenda, as appropriate, and/or coordinating delivery of physical copies of HIP materials