What’s New With the HIPs

We encourage a collaborative process in the development of HIP products. If you or your organization has thoughts or information to contribute to upcoming products, please share them with the HIP team.

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New HIP Products

The HIPs Partnership is pleased to feature three recently-published HIPs:

UPDATED: Supply Chain Management (June 2020): Stockouts of popular contraceptive products are common and persistent across many countries. Establishing and maintaining effective supply chain management is essential to making modern contraceptives available and thus helping individuals achieve their reproductive goals. This Enabling Environment HIP focuses on key practices to strengthen the management of each step of the supply chain from the manufacturer to the service delivery point.

UPDATED: Family Planning Vouchers (June 2020) This HIP Enhancement discusses the potential contributions of vouchers to enhancing the quality and voluntary use of contraceptive services. Vouchers are paper or electronic referral coupons that clients can take to an accredited health care provider in exchange for health care services. In settings where potential clients must pay for contraceptive services and/or methods, vouchers can reduce these financial barriers and facilitate access to a wider range of contraceptive options.

NEW: Family Planning in Humanitarian Settings: A Strategic Planning Guide (March 2020): This guide leads decision-makers through a strategic process to identify actions that improve family planning access in places at risk of, experiencing, or recovering from crisis events. The process supports country-level managers to think through preparedness actions so countries can bounce back more easily from regional or localized crisis and maintain their development gains. Listen to a recording from the June 9th webinar here.

UPCOMING: The HIPs Partnership, in collaboration with the Ouagadougou Partnership, will host a French webinar: Groupe d’engagement communautaire (Community Group Engagement) on June 30th from 10:00 to 11:30am (EDT). Register to attend.

The HIPs Partnership will host the Task Sharing Family Planning Services to Increase Health Workforce Efficiency and Expand Access: A Strategic Planning Guide Webinar on August 20th from 9:30 to 10:45am (EDT). Register to attend.

Service Delivery HIP Brief Updates

Ensuring that the HIP briefs, strategic planning guides, and other resources are up-to-date and reflect current peer-reviewed and programmatic evidence is a core priority for the HIPs partnership.

From May 20-22nd, the partnership hosted a Technical Task Team meeting, which engaged 25 technical experts, writers, and HIP TAG members to launch the update of three Service Delivery HIP briefs:
1) Social Marketing
2) Drug Shops & Pharmacies
3) Family Planning & Immunization Integration

Despite transitioning to a virtual platform, the workshop was able to accomplish all objectives and participants reported overwhelmingly positive feedback. The teams look forward to sharing draft updated briefs for public comment in Fall 2020.

June TAG Meeting

The HIPs Technical Advisory Group (TAG) held its semi-annual meeting from June 9-10th, 2020, hosted by WHO. Despite convening virtually for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic, the TAG was able to accomplish its goals of reviewing draft HIP materials, making recommendations about the strength and consistency of the evidence and adherence to HIP criteria, and continuing to refine HIP processes and identify priority activities.

Highlights from the TAG agenda include:

  • Updates on progress from the November 2019 TAG meeting
  • Review and recommendations to forthcoming HIP Enhancement briefs:
    • Adolescent Responsive Contraceptive Services
    • Digital Health for Providers
  • Evaluation of new HIP concept notes
    • Selection of new Strategic Planning Guide for development: Facilitate Meaningful Adolescent and Youth Engagement and Partnership in AYRH Programs and Policies
  • Production & Dissemination (P&D) Team updates
  • Planning for the Social and Behavior Change (SBC) brief updates

The full meeting report will be available soon on the HIP website. For more information about the TAG experts, roles, and responsibilities, click here.