HIP Development

The development of HIP briefs entails a highly participatory process that ensures that HIPs are a state-of-the art synthesis of peer-reviewed and programmatic knowledge of what works in family planning. Service Delivery and Social and Behavior Change HIPs are further categorized according to the strength of the evidence base for each practice – proven or promising.

  • Proven: Sufficient evidence exists to recommend widespread implementation, provided that there is careful monitoring of coverage, quality, and cost.
  • Promising: Good evidence exists that these interventions can lead to impact; more research is needed to fully document implementation experience and impact. These interventions should be implemented widely, provided they are carried out in a research context and evaluated for both impact and process.

HIP development includes HIP technical expert groups selected by the co-sponsors through an open application process, HIP TAG members, and the HIP Production and Dissemination team. Review Guidance for Developing a HIP Brief.

The process below explains how a concept is developed into a HIP brief.

HIP Publication Journey

Process to Keep Briefs Up-to-Date

After a HIP brief is published, technical experts meet regularly to review comments provided by members of the greater family planning community. The process below describes how the HIP partnership ensures all HIP briefs reflect the most up-to-date peer-reviewed and programmatic evidence.