Harmonization of key implementation components for four service delivery HIPs



This brief presents key implementation components for several family planning (FP) High Impact Practices (HIPs) and details the process of harmonizing these elements across three projects: the Data for Impact (D4I) project, the Research for Scalable Solutions (R4S) project, and The Challenge Initiative (TCI). The key implementation components are agreed upon standards to implement a practice and ensure it is high impact. The HIPs for which key implementation components were developed are: Community Health Workers (CHWs), Immediate Postpartum FP (IPPFP), Post-abortion FP (PAFP), Pharmacies and Drug Shops (PDS), and Mobile Outreach.

Each project developed an original set of implementation components that, while diverse in purpose, shared a common foundation in the HIP briefs. The projects came together to align on unified language and content to create key implementation components, signifying a joint commitment to improving the efficacy, adaptability, and evaluation of high-impact family planning practices.