How are the High Impact Practices in Family Planning Service Delivery Being Applied Across the Development – Humanitarian Continuum?

Family Planning Service Delivery Digital SourcesOverview: At the ICFP virtual forum in February 2021, this Program Implementation Community Session focused on high-impact practices in family planning and how they are carried out effectively in countries.

Virtual roundtables (held in English and French) provided the opportunity for in-depth discussions on what’s working and why or why not. The roundtable topics were selected by the global family planning community.

Participants shared examples of implementation on the ground, success and challenges faced. COVID-19, and recommendations and tips for scaling up and other implementers. Moderated roundtable discussions were supported by live graphic recording illustrators to capture discussions and to help maximize participant engagement.

Process: The roundtable discussions are available in French and English. Discussion topics are related to implementing high-impact practices in family planning.

Audience and Use: The tool is intended to be a quick reference for program managers designing or implementing family planning programs.

You can view the main session recording below, and visit the ICFP website to watch the roundtable session recordings.