HIP List Curation: Essential Resources for HIP Products

We need you! Are you working in the field of family planning and reproductive health, and using one or more of the High Impact Practices in your work? If so, we want to know what resources have been helpful for you in implementing and scaling up these practices. If this applies to you, please share relevant resources and tools connected to the HIP brief(s) that you have utilized, by submitting them via the comment form below.

The resources will go through a review process by a team of FP/RH technical experts, and once finalized, will be disseminated widely on the HIPs webpage, and documented in a curated collection on FP insight: a free platform created by the Knowledge SUCCESS project that is helping FP/RH professionals find, share, and organize resources for their work. If your resources are accepted in the final list, your name and organization will be published in an Acknowledgements section of the final published document. [Additional benefits to you, if your resources are accepted, include the possibility of having your name, photo, role, and organization featured as a project contributor in an FP insight email that is distributed to a global FP/RH audience of over 1,500 individuals.] Thank you so much for your support! Together, we are building a knowledge base to help support the implementation and scale-up of HIP briefs, and to maximize the impact of FP/RH programs.

*Please note: in order for us to receive your submission, you must click the final “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

This call for submissions is now closed.