Seeking HIP Technical Experts

Are you a family planning expert interested in contributing to more impactful and efficient use of family planning resources?

We regularly seek family planning experts to serve as ongoing contributors to the evidence-based High Impact Practice for Family Planning (HIP) briefs. Learn more about the Technical Expert Group activities and guidance.

The High Impact Practices in Family Planning (HIP) Partnership is looking for technical experts to be part of groups to update the HIPs briefs on Mobile Outreach Services and Community Health Workers1.  Experts are also sought to write two new briefs on: Self-care for Family Planning and Task sharing for Family Planning.

Each expert will serve as a volunteer on a small team of 5-6 experts and 1-2 members of the HIP Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to work on one HIP brief over a one year period. The members of the technical expert groups work with a writer who, with guidance and input from the experts, writes the brief.  Details on the brief development process can be found here.

The level of effort will be highest from June to December 2023 as the teams work with a professional writer to prepare the brief for review by the TAG in December 2023. This includes required participation in a one-day introductory virtual meeting in the early half of July 2023 and a two-day virtual meeting in late July 2023 to launch the process and regular one-hour meetings thereafter to finalize a draft. 

We seek experts with research and program implementation experience.  Ideal skills are below.

  • Mobile Outreach Services and Community Health Workers (CHWs): Experts with experience implementing programs and conducting research about both more-advanced large scale CHW programming as well as more nascent programs; community outreach, community mobilization, communication and outreach using CHWs and community leaders,  health provider capacity building for mobile service delivery (informed choice FP counseling, long-acting and reversible contraceptives, permanent methods, etc.),  
  • Self-care: Experts with experience implementing programs and conducting research about self-care interventions for family planning.  We also welcome experts who have been working on thought pieces and guidance documents related to self-care in family planning.
  • Task-sharing: Experts with experience implementing task sharing activities (particularly clinical background) and conducting research about task-sharing for family planning, as well as developing and/or advocating for policies to inform task-sharing in family planning.  Experience with programs supporting task sharing to mid-level providers (e.g., midwives, clinical officers) and to CHWs and pharmacists for short and long-acting methods.  Navigating product labeling changes to include more cadres is also helpful.

 Selections will be made by the HIP Partnership Co-Sponsors: FP2030, IPPF, UNFPA, USAID, WHO/IBP, and BMGF.

Applications are due May 7.

1 In early 2022 the HIPs Partnership issued a call for experts in Mobile Outreach Services and Community Health Workers to update those two briefs.  The updates were put on hold as the HIPs updated various procedures.  If you applied in 2022, you have the option to submit new information or proceed with the application you submitted last year. Please just indicate your preference in the form.

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