Family Planning and Immunization Integration: Reaching Postpartum Women with FP Services Webinar

Download the webinar presentations.

Presenters (see bios below):

  • Kathryn Mimno, FP & Immunization Integration Working Group (moderator)
  • Shawn Malarcher, USAID
  • Nyapu D. Taylor, Jhpiego, Liberia
  • Riaz Mobaracaly, Pathfinder International, Mozambique
  • Rebecca Fields, JSI

Kathryn Mimno, FP & Immunization Integration Working group (Moderator)

Kathryn Mimno serves as a Senior Technical Advisor for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights at Pathfinder International.  She provides technical assistance to a broad range of projects and Pathfinder country offices including integrated contraceptive service delivery. She co-chairs the Family Planning Immunization Working Group.   Prior to coming to Pathfinder, Dr. Mimno worked for an integrated health project in rural Mozambique and was a practicing family physician. She holds a MD from Tufts University School of Medicine and a Masters in Public Health from Harvard  School of Public Health.

Shawn Malarcher, USAID

Shawn serves as the Senior Advisor on Utilization of Best Practices for USAID. She has more than 15 years of experience managing and supporting social science research in developing countries. Her work focuses on translating evidence into program and policy guidance. One of Ms. Malarcher primary functions is to provide leadership and coordination to the collaboration on High Impact Practices in Family Planning, a partnership involving over 25 donors and implementing partners in international family planning. Prior to her current position, Shawn served as a scientist with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Department of Reproductive Health and Research.  

Nyapu D. Taylor, Jhpiego, Liberia

Nyapu is a Technical Advisor for MCSP Liberia. Mrs. Taylor was involved in the pilot study for EPI-FP Integration in Liberia that was conducted under the MCHIP program and is currently providing technical guidance and oversight for expansion of EPI-FP integration to additional sites under MCSP, among other responsibilities.  Mrs. Taylor worked with the Liberia MOHSW for many years in various positions including as Acting Director and Director of the Family Health Division. She also previously served as a supervisor and trainer in RH/FP for mid-level health workers and community health workers.

Riaz Mobaracaly, Pathfinder International, Mozambique

Riaz is the Country Director for Pathfinder International-Mozambique where he leads a broad portfolio including integrated family planning projects.  Dr. Mobaracaly is the co-chair of the National FP Technical Working Group where he helped to develop the national family planning integration guidelines. Prior to joining Pathfinder, Dr. Mobaracaly worked extensively with the Mozambican Ministry of Health at levels including roles as district and provincial health director.  Dr. Mobaracaly holds a BS in Medicine from Eduardo Mondlane University and a certificate in epidemiology from Johns Hopkins University.

Rebecca Fields, JSI

Rebecca has over 30 years of experience supporting immunization system strengthening and injection safety in Africa and Asia, plus advocacy and behavior change communication for new vaccines, injection safety, and integrated disease surveillance. Since 2011, she has served as a senior technical advisor for immunization with John Snow Inc. (JSI) on USAID’s MCSP. she contributed to the K4H toolkit on FP/immunization integration and the HIP Brief on FP/immunization integration and helped design and evaluate an integrated FP/immunization service delivery strategy in Liberia. She is a co-author of Immunization Essentials: A Practical Field Guide, and USAID’s e-learning course on immunization.