HIP Briefs

HIP collaborating partners have developed briefs that synthesize the evidence and provide recommendations on how to implement selected HIPs. Briefs are grouped into three interrelated categories: (1) high-impact practices in service delivery (briefs with a blue colored side bar), (2) social and behavior change interventions (briefs with a green colored side bar), and (3) creating an enabling environment (briefs with red colored side bar).
    1. 1
      Service Delivery HIPs - Proven

      Community Health Workers: Bringing family planning services to where people live and work

      Updated!  When appropriately designed and implemented, community health worker (CHW) programs can increase use of contraception, particularly...
    1. 2
      Service Delivery HIPs - Promising

      Drug Shops and Pharmacies: Sources for family planning commodities and information

      Evidence shows that with appropriate training and support, pharmacy and drug-shop staff can facilitate the use of modern contraception,...
    1. 3
      Service Delivery HIPs - Promising

      Family Planning and Immunization Integration: Reaching postpartum women with family planning services

      Both immunization and family planning services are important components of primary health care. Ensuring that FP counseling and services are...
    1. 4
      Service Delivery HIPs - Proven

      Mobile Outreach Services: Expanding access to a full range of modern contraceptives

      Evidence demonstrates that mobile outreach services can successfully increase contraceptive use, particularly in areas of low contraceptive...
    1. 5
      Service Delivery HIPs - Proven

      Postabortion Family Planning: Strengthening the family planning component of postabortion care

      Providing family planning counseling and services at the same time and location where women receive treatment for complications related to...
    1. 6
      Service Delivery HIPs - Proven

      Social Marketing: Leveraging the private sector to improve contraceptive access, choice, and use

      Social marketing in family planning programs makes contraceptive products accessible and affordable through private-sector outlets, such as...
    1. 7
      Service Delivery HIPs - Emerging

      Vouchers: Addressing inequities in access to contraceptive services

      Voucher programs aim to directly influence the behavior of both provider and consumer. By targeting underserved groups, vouchers ensure...