Family Planning and Immunization Integration: Reaching postpartum women with family planning services

Family Planning & Immunization

Both immunization and family planning services are important components of primary health care. Ensuring that FP counseling and services are linked to infant vaccination and primary health care contacts through well-managed primary health care services has the potential to reach mothers with FP information and services at a critical time.

This brief focuses primarily on deliberate efforts to integrate the two services, rather than on services offered at the same location coincidentally without intentional efforts to connect them. This brief also focuses on integrating the two services through routine immunization contacts rather than during immunization campaigns, which are not recommended as  platforms for integrated services.

For more resources visit the Family Planning and Immunization Integration Toolkit a collaborative effort among members of the Family Planning & Immunization Integration Working Group, which is co-hosted by MCHIP and FHI 360.

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Date:         July 2013
Pages:       8