Seeking Youth Applicants for HIP Workshop

Opportunity: Join a group of family planning technical experts to inform the development or update of a High Impact Practice in Family Planning brief, with a specific intent on ensuring the practice is informed by a diverse set of perspectives, including young people.

Composition of the HIP technical expert group: One to two early-career professionals, five to six experts, one or two members of the HIP Technical Advisory Group, one group facilitator, and one HIP brief writer.

Selection and tenure: Following an open application process, participants will be selected by Knowledge SUCCESS and FP2030 based on their qualifications and experience, and their ability to attend the required workshop dates. Those applying should fall within the age range of 18-32 years and live in a USAID Family Planning Priority Country.

Learn more and apply to contribute to these important knowledge products.  Please apply by June 25, 2023.