• What Are High-Impact Practices in Family Planning (HIPs)?

    HIPs are promising or evidence-based practices that, when scaled up and institutionalized, will maximize investments in a comprehensive family planning strategy. Identified by international experts in family planning and reproductive health, HIPs help family planning programs focus their resources and efforts to ensure they have the broadest reach and greatest impact.

    HIPs are grouped into two interrelated categories: (1) creating an enabling environment and (2) high-impact practices in service delivery. Creating an enabling environment facilitates implementation of high-impact practices in service delivery. The list of HIPs is not intended to constitute or replace a comprehensive family planning strategy, which should be informed by the Elements of Success in Family Planning Programming and driven by country context.

  • High Impact Practices in Family Planning List

    HIPs Fact Sheet image

    Updated in July 2013, this seminal brief provides a list of all the HIPs identified by the Technical Advisory Group (TAG).  The TAG is made up of more than 25 international experts in family planning research, programming, and implementation identified from donor agencies, research institutions, and service delivery organizations. The TAG meets at least once a year to review evidence and make recommendations on updating and implementing HIPs.